Graduate Students

Tyler Reny

Contact Information

Office  Not Available


MA Political Science, University of Washington (2015); BA Political Science, Skidmore College (2011)

Fields of Study

American Politics, Racial and Ethnic Politics, Quantitative Methodology


I study the effects of demographic change on U.S. politics. Specifically I explore both how demographic change influences the behaviors and attitudes of different racial groups in the United States and how political elites use racial cues to prime racial attitudes in voters. I am also interested in machine learning and causal inference.


Matt Barreto


 “The Negative Effects of Mass Media Stereotypes of Latinos and Immigrants” In Media and Minorities: Questions on Representation from an International Perspective. Eds. Georg Ruhrmann, Yasemin Shooman, and Peter Widmann. Jewish Museum of Berlin Press. (with Sylvia Manzano).