Student Forms

Student Research and Travel Funds:

All funding requests must be made prior to travel and/or research expenditures. No exceptions will be made.

This policy is effective as of September 4, 2013. Students who advance to candidacy will automatically receive a research fund of $1,000, departmental resources permitting. Students may draw down this fund for reimbursement, upon submission of appropriate documentation, for any legitimate research expenses. No reimbursements will be made after two years following successful advancement to candidacy, after 18 quarters enrolled in the program, or after filing the dissertation (whichever comes first).

After three quarters enrollment in the graduate program, any student may apply for funds up to a maximum of $500 per year for research-related expenses that will be incurred during the same academic year (July 1-June 30). These funds may be used to attend a professional conference, to purchase data or other research-specific supplies, including software, or for other legitimate research purposes. Students who have advanced to candidacy may apply only after having exhausted their $1,000 research funds.

Proposals for research funding will be evaluated on a rolling schedule by the Vice Chair and one member of the Graduate Studies Committee on the basis of the merits of the research proposal and the availability of funds. Please allow at least one month for your application to be reviewed. All requests must be made in advance of expenditures and funding will not be approved retroactively.

Students who are not on time to degree are not eligible to apply for funds.

Funding is available on an academic year basis (July 1-June 30). The funds will be counted against the year in which they are expended, regardless of when you apply. For instance, you are welcome to apply during spring quarter of 2014 for funding to attend the upcoming 2014 APSA meetings, but the funding (if granted) will be counted against your $500 for the 2014-15 academic year.

The submission and reimbursement forms are available on the department website.

The University has reinvigorated its auditing of travel and expense reimbursements, so to avoid delays or even rejections of expenses we would like to remind you of some basic policies.
In General:

  • No expense may be reimbursed until after it happens (e.g. book orders, travel).

  • Receipts must be turned in within 21 days of the expense.

  • Receipts must be taped to a sheet of paper and categorized by type (e.g. food, taxi) and by date.

  • In all cases where there is more than one possible policy regarding expenses (as on grant funds), the strictest policy must be observed.

  • There are certain circumstances when an exception to some of these policies can be requested, however it must be done in advance.

Proof of Payment:

Original, itemized receipts are required for all reimbursements (including exchange rate receipts issued when changing currencies).

All receipts must show:

  • The Date

  • What was Purchased

  • The Total Cost

  • Method of payment (Cash, Credit Card, Check)

  • Some credit card receipts are insufficient for the University auditors and occasionally they will also request a credit card statement.

  • If an expense is paid by check the University also requires a copy of both sides of the canceled check, or a copy of the front of the check and the bank statement.

  • Separate bills are required for shared expenses, including hotel rooms, if you are seeking reimbursement. Please use your own credit card or checking account to pay for expenses. If this is not possible, contact us in advance because there are additional rules.

  • Helpful Hint: Most bank and credit card statements are now available online so you can print them out as soon as the expense has cleared. This way you won’t have to wait for a monthly statement to arrive in the mail.


No travel expenses can be reimbursed in advance of your trip.

Meals and Incidentals will be reimbursed based on the actual amount spent, up to a daily maximum of $50. The travel department requests that receipts for these expenses be provided.

  • Lodging expenses are also reimbursed based on the amount actually incurred, but are not subject to a dollar limit.


  • Only coach class airfare will be reimbursed.

  • Fares can be charged directly to University funds if reservations are made through the travel office.

  • Fly America Act:  If the funding for the project is Federal, you may only use US carriers when booking air travel.

  • Registration Fees for conferences can often be paid directly if the request is made well in advance (4 weeks please).

Rental Cars:

  • Only compact cars will be reimbursed.

  • No insurance costs will be reimbursed because the University has negotiated rates with many rental companies and all of theses rates include insurance. Please check the travel web site for current rates and companies ( Be sure to specify the appropriate UCLA corporate ID when making reservations and be sure the corporate ID # is referenced on the rental agreement. If the rental agent offers additional insurance when you pick up the car, you need to decline it, and confirm that the UCLA corporate ID is on the agreement because the University WILL NOT REIMBURSE insurance charges for rental cars.

Automobile Mileage:

  • Reimbursement for mileage on personal automobiles is only appropriate when the cost of the mileage is less than or equal to the cost of public transportation.

  • The car used must be insured as prescribed by California law.

  • Non Citizens who are not employed by the university must meet additional requirements and submit additional documentation when requesting travel reimbursements. Please contact the accounting office prior to traveling for details.

This brief document is an attempt to cover the most common issues. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions, or to ask about exceptions that may not be listed here.