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Florence Akinyemi Comparative Politics and Race, Ethnicity, & Politics Mark Sawyer (Chair), Andrew Apter (History), Edmond Keller and Michael Lofchie
Matthew Atkinson American Politics and Methods John Zaller (Chair), Jeffrey B. Lewis, Lynn Vavreck, and Keith Poole
Chris Baylor American Politics and Methods John Zaller (Chair), Scott James , Kathy Bawn, Rachel Cobb
Kuyoun Chung International Relations and Methods Robert Trager (Chair), Deborah Larson, Barry O’Neill, and Karl Raustiala
Parissa Majdi Clark Race, Ethnicity, & Politics Mark Sawyer (Chair), Raymond Rocco, Edmond Keller, César Ayala (Sociology)
Rayna Flye American Politics, Comparative Politics, and Race, Ethnicity, & Politics Kathleen Bawn (Chair), Michael Thies, Tim Groeling, and David Sears
Megan Gallagher Political Theory Kirstie McClure (chair), Joshua Foa Dienstag, Anthony Pagden, Giulia Sissa, and Peter Stacey (UCLA History Department)
Cory Charles Gooding Race, Ethnicity, & Politics, American Politics, Comparative Politics, and Political Theory Mark Q. Sawyer (Chair,) Lorrie Frasure-Yokley, Vilma Ortiz and Victor Wolfenstein
Matthew S. Gottfried International Relations and Methods Steven L. Spiegel (Co-Chair), Arthur A. Stein (Co-Chair), Robert F. Trager, Matthew Baum, and Tim Groeling (Communication Studies)
Ron Gurantz International Relations and Methods Arthur Stein (Chair), Barry O'Neill, Marc Trachtenberg, Robert Trager, Stergios Skaperdas (UCI)
Emily Rachel Hallock Political Theory, Race, Ethnicity, & Politics, and American Politics Carole Pateman (Chair), Andrew Sabl, Joshua Dienstag, and Seana Shiffrin
Scott E. Hoaby Political Theory, Methods, and Comparative Politics Giulia Sissa (Chair), Robert Gurval, Ronald Rogowski, Anthony Pagden
Jeff Jackson Political Theory and Race, Ethnicity, & Politics Joshua Dienstag (chair), Carole Pateman, Giulia Sissa, Douglas Kellner
R. Brian Law American Politics and Methods Tim Groseclose (Chair), Jeffrey B. Lewis, Mark Peterson, Lynn Vavreck, John Zaller
Lisa Mueller Comparative Politics and Methods Miriam Golden (Chair), Daniel Posner, Edmond Keller, Pierre Englebert
Chad Nelson International Relations and Comparative Politics Arthur Stein (chair), Marc Trachtenberg, Robert Trager, Michael Mann (Sociology)
David Palkki International Relations and Comparative Politics Deborah Larson (Chair), Marc Trachtenberg, and Albert Carnesale
Jeffrey J. Paris Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Methods Barbara Geddes (Co-Chair), Michael Ross (Co-Chair), Arthur Stein, Mark Kleiman
Albert Ponce Race, Ethnicity, & Politics and Political Theory Raymond Rocco (Chair), Mark Sawyer, Anthony Pagden, Kelly Lytle Hernandez (History)
Tyson Roberts Comparative Politics and International Relations Barbara Geddes (Co-Chair), and Dan Posner (Co-Chair), Kathleen Bawn, Ronald Rogowski, Edward Leamer (Economics)
Javier M. Rodriguez American Politics, Race, Ethnicity, & Politics, and Methods David O. Sears (Chair), Mark Q. Sawyer, James DeNardo, Teresa Seeman (Medicine/Epidemiology), and Peter Bentler (Statistics/Psychology)
Gilda Rodriguez Political Theory and Race, Ethnicity, & Politics Joshua Dienstag (Chair), Kirstie McClure, Raymond Rocco, and Ali Behdad
Elizabeth A. Stein Comparative Politics and Methods Barbara Geddes (Chair), Matthew Baum, Daniel Posner, John Zaller and Daniel Hallin
Rebekah Elaine Sterling Political Theory Kirstie M. McClure (Chair), Joshua Foa Dienstag , Carole Pateman, Raymond Rocco, John Agnew
Risa J. Toha Comparative Politics and Methods Michael Ross (Chair), Barbara Geddes, Daniel Treisman, Daniel Posner, and Andreas Wimmer (Sociology).